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GCSE Maths Summer Catch-Up Lessons

What our summer sessions are set up to do


More than 1 in 3 students fail their maths GCSE, closing off options to them in college and university. We are on a mission to change that, we believe every child can pass their maths GCSE exams. Our summer catch-up sessions are created to jumpstart your child's journey to maths success. 

GCSE Maths Summer Catch-Up Lessons

What We'll Cover: 

Session 1 - Negative numbers -  This topic underpins 5 maths topics including algebra! We'll show your child the secret to conquering them 

Session 2 - Negative numbers revision plus question application

Session 3 - Percentages - This topic underpins 7 maths topics. We'll help your child find the best method for them

Session 4 - Percentages continued plus question application 

Session 5 - How to understand exam questions - Most students simply have no idea what the question is asking. We'll show them how to figure it out.

Session 6 - How to work through exam questions - Practice is key!

Lesson Frequency: 

Six 1-to-1 Sessions (1 hour each)

Duration: The first session will be in June (the free session), and the other 5 sessions will be in August

Time: Hourly slots available between 11am & 3pm

Price: Was £118.80! With the first session free it's

                        Now £99 

               (That's just £19.80 per hour)  


What parent's had to say:

"Thank you so much for all your hard work. We can't quite believe it. Tomi passed! We're so glad. Before your programme, we weren't very confident that he'd pass, there was a lot of work to do, but thanks to Beehive he covered everything in time and passed!" - F.A 


"Thanks for all your help" - S.K 


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Be the next success story, book a place today. 


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