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Specialists in Helping Struggling Students PASS Their Maths GCSE!

1-to-1 Tailored Online Tuition For Students in Year 10 and Year 11

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Why Try Us?

Results from Lesson 1

We don't waste time, right from your free lesson, you will learn something!

We Work Around Your Schedule

No need to ask us if you can change the date and time of your session, simply log in and book your sessions based on your availability from week to week and month to month.

100% Pass Rate

In our 8 years of preparing students for their maths GCSEs, every single student has received a grade 4 (C) or above. In fact, most of our students surpass their predicted grades.

We Build Confidence

Struggling students lack confidence in their abilities. Beehive Tuition focuses on restoring this confidence by giving them “quick wins”. We show them how capable they are by pointing out how much they really know (because students know a lot more than they realise).


We shower them with encouragement and only allow them to speak positively about themselves and their ability. They are NOT forgetful; they just need to practice a little more.


Book sessions from time to time 

£40 per hour 

2-Sessions Per Week

8 sessions every 4 weeks

Price: £264 per 4 weeks

£33 per hour 

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