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Tutoring Assistant Role

About the Role

We’re looking for someone who is fun and very comfortable with maths and English. If you love teaching and love the sense of accomplishment you’ll get from helping a student understand maths and English and ultimately achieve academic success then this is the job for you. You will be providing group tuition, where there are approximately 6 children in a group, but each child is working on their own tailor-made work.


Start Date: ASAP Hours per week: Flexible (3 - 9 hours)

Skills required

Patience and Persistence – Tutors must be patient because students don’t always get things straight away Energetic – We’re looking for someone who is fun and has a lot of energy so that the students enjoy their lessons Confident Very comfortable with KS1 – KS4 Maths and English Likeable Good at explaining information in diverse ways – We believe every child learns differently and the tutor must be able to adapt their teaching style to the student Personable Respectful - Tutors will be talking to parents about their child did that day so, they’ll need to be confident and polite when doing so. Creative – When it comes to teaching students we are always open to new ways of getting them to understand the work.


A/A* in Maths at GCSE (Grade 7-9)

A/A* in English at GCSE (Grade 7-9)


Helpful but not necessary 11 Plus experience – Those who do not have past 11 Plus experience will be asked to sit an 11 Plus verbal and non-verbal reasoning paper. Please send your CV and with a covering letter explaining why you would be ideal for this role. We recruit on a rolling basis, so you could start working as early as this Saturday. Apply as soon as possible.

Salary: Above minimum wage (based on experience)

How to Apply: 

Please send your CV to

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