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Project: Access

Where Social Mobility Meets Social Impact

How Project: Access Came About

Beehive Tuition is incredibly excited to announce the launch of Project Access! We’ve been working in the tuition space for 8 years and have helped to shape the paths of change the trajectory for hundreds of children, but we want to take it a step further. We want to extend our help to those who can’t afford our services and increase the brilliance pool for companies such as yours by doing what we do best.


Here are the facts

According to Rapid Evidence Assessment, a drop in attainment takes place during the transition between year 6 and year 7 for pupils receiving free school meals and those from minority ethnic backgrounds.


Factors associated with the school environment (concerns about safety and concerns about the learning environment) were significant for those who experienced a drop in attainment for some subjects


Let's Get Started

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3 \ Our Solution

We need you to make this happen!

We have the links to the primary schools in deprived areas and we’re working with these schools to identify the students that show real promise. These students will have the opportunity to get the support they need to sit the entrance exams to top schools backed by companies like yours.

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