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Our Guarantee

Pass your GCSE maths exam or get your money back! 

After 8 years of being in the tuition business we are proud of our 100% pass rate, that's why we are willing to provide you with a money-back guarantee if your child does not pass their GCSE maths exam. 

Definition of pass: Obtaining a grade 4 or in the official maths GCSE exam. 

The details:

  • This guarantee is based on signing up for 2 sessions a week focusing on maths in both. 

  • Students must have attended an average of 2 sessions every week for the final 3 terms before preceding the student's maths GCSE exam.

  • Students are to attend tuition sessions over the holiday period to avoid learning loss. 

  • If concerns are flagged to parents and students, visible action must be taken to address those issues.

  • If all the above have been followed and the student does not pass, we will ask you to send evidence of the student's results. Once we have received this and confirmed all the above were followed, we will refund you up to the value of £1000. 

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