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Our Guarantee

See an Improvement in The First 3 Months or Receive Free Tuition

Our parents report that they see an improvement in their child(ren) within 3 months of weekly sessions with us so if there's no improvement in your child in your first 3 months, we will continue to tutor your child for FREE until we see an improvement. 

The details:

  • This guarantee is based on signing up to 2 sessions a week focusing on maths or English in both. 

  • Students must have attended 2 sessions every week for the entire 3 month period.

  • Tutors must report that the student is engaging in every single session throughout the 3 month period. 

  • If concerns are flagged to parents and students, visible action must be taken to address those issues.

  • Beehive Tuition measures the improvement of a student using our programme. Measures of improvement include but are not limited to increased accuracy, increased speed, increased confidence, increased knowledge. 

  • If all the above have been followed and no improvement can be seen by us, we will tutor your child for free until we see results or for a maximum of 6 weeks (whichever comes first). If no improvement is seen after the 6 weeks, we will terminate tuition and advice you on steps to take to help your child (including other tuition options to consider). 

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