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Get Access to Top Quality UK Educators at an Affordable Price

Providing 1-to-1 Tailored Online Tuition for Maths and/or English from Age 7-16
We Also Offer IGCSE Tuition in Maths and English 

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UK Tutors from Top UK Institutions

 The UK is known for its impeccable education system and we want more people around the world to have access to top-quality education through UK tutors.  We source A* students that can simplify complex topics while also being a great role model for your child. 

Access to Expert Advice About the UK Education System

If you're interested in sending your child  to the UK to study at some point, we can advice you on the process. We'll also work on your child's educational plan in terms of school choices. We'll give you advice on extra-curricular activities to consider or programmes to enrol in or even educational shows to get your child to start watching. If for example you're aiming for a scholarship, we'll be on hand to help you get your child ready.

Results-Based Tuition

Just like you, we want to see results. We have created effective learning plans that prepare students for exam success. Additionally, we monitor each child's progress. 

1-to-1 Tuition at an Affordable Price

Beehive Tuition provide top quality 1-to-1 tuition at an affordable price. We believe good quality education should accessible to all so it is just £17.38 per session. 

Start seeing results from session 1.
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