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Maths Made Easy

100% Pass Rate | Money-back Guarantee | 1 to 1 Online Tuition

Our Money Back Guarantee*

If you do everything we say and you don't pass we will give you your money back!


Attend an average of 2 sessions a week for 3 terms


Join our summer booster programme

If you can commit to the above then we can commit to your success. 

Student Behind the Books

So What's Our Secret Sauce? Our tutors!

Our tutors are handpicked based on 3 things:

1. Their grades - all our tutors achieved a 7 or above. We believe those that CAN do it should teach.

2. Their ability to explain what they know - We want tutors that explain things without all the jargon. They know the struggle all too well and have succeeded so have tried and tested tips and tricks to pass on.

3. They are personable - We are repeatedly told that our tutors are just incredible. They are so easy to talk to and are very relatable, making sessions much more appealing. Trust us when we say the 1 hour will fly by.

Our Teaching Method

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  • Do students get the same tutor every time?
    Student might have a different tutor each session but there’s nothing to worry about. We choose the best explainers to be our tutors and each tutor has the notes from previous lessons so they will continue where the last tutor stopped. You won’t even realise it. Additionally, rotating tutors means students focus more on the work because they become less familiar with the tutors.
  • Why don't you use webcams?
    We currently don’t use webcams because we want all the focus to be on the whiteboard and the work.
  • Do you have a sibling discount?
    Yes, we do have a sibling discount, please get in touch for more information.
  • Do you take international students?
    Yes, we do take international students but please ensure you book using the international portal and you choose the correct time zone when you’re booking. Also, Beehive Tuition is more suited to international students that are following a British curriculum.

Getting Started for Free

Tell us what you're struggling with and we'll cover it in your free lesson!

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