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How We Help Students Get the Grade at GCSE

1-to-1 Tailored Online Tuition for Maths GCSE (Age 13-16)

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Practice Practice Practice

We believe that committing to bi-weekly sessions is key to a child’s progress. They will have regular structured sessions with tutors that break down and demystifies difficult concepts.

Revise Old Topics In Every Lesson

Most tuition lessons consist of covering just one topic in a session so by week 5 they have forgotten week 1’s work. At Beehive Tuition, students revisit old topics weekly so they are always practicing and increasing their confidence in every area.

Reducing Dependency

Many students are afraid to try without help but we want our students to become confident in their ability so that they can perform well in school. We use a model that over time weans the student off the tutor. Our 3-stage model will allow the student to become more independent as their skills and their confidence grow.

Learn Using Exam Questions From The Start

We teach our students through exam-style questions. It means that they are learning the maths and English topics in the context. A student may know how to do fractions but struggle to answer fraction word questions, we teach them how to do fraction questions from the beginning – that’s why we see such fast results.

Confidence Building

Struggling students lack confidence in their abilities. Beehive Tuition focuses on restoring this confidence by giving them “quick wins”. We show them how capable they are by pointing out how much they really know (because students know a lot more than they realise).


We shower them with encouragement and only allow them to speak positively about themselves and their ability. They are NOT forgetful; they just need to practice a little more.


See an Improvement in The First 3 Months or Receive FREE Tuition until you do!

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Duration: Pay as you go

Price: £24 per hour

Price: £24 

Duration: 5 sessions to be used by Monday 5th August 2022

Price: £110

(that's just £22 per hour)  

Price: £110 

Duration: 10 sessions to be used by Monday 5th August 2022

Price: £200

(that's just £20 per hour)  

Price: £200 

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