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I’m Up for Hire – FINALLY!

My Educational Background

I studied law at the University of Warwick and obtained a 2:1. At A-level, I studied maths, economics and psychology and got all As (there were no A*s at the time, but based on my percentages I would have got an A* in maths and Psychology). At GCSE I obtained 6 A*s (including maths and English) and 5 As. I have been tutoring students between the ages of 6 and 16 for 12 years in a group format as well as 1-to-1, privately and in schools. I also sit on the board of trustees for East London Connect, a social mobility charity focused on helping inner-city children aim higher and obtain a place within a Russell Group University.

Why I'm Taking on Clients

As the founder of Beehive Tuition, parents often ask me if I take on any clients directly and the answer has been no until now. You see, I spent much of my time training our tutors so they can provide our parents with the best service, but I have decided to take on a few clients in order to try out a new service we would like to launch called Beehive Premium.  Only our best and most experienced tutors will be placed on this service and parents will be able customise the sessions based on their child’s needs.

What type of Students am I looking for?

I’m only looking to take on a handful of students that fit a particular description (as I want students of varying abilities and differing goals). I will sit down with the parents and create a plan of action attached to an aim and we will work towards it over the next few months and then review it again. I want to offer a service that is created to bring about rapid progress in maths, English and the 11 plus. If you're looking for quick results please do apply. 

I really cannot accept more than 10 students so please explain why something like this would be highly beneficial for your child e.g. they are behind in school, they are sitting the 11 plus or GCSEs in a few months Acceptance into this programme is not guaranteed. 


Price: Based on my experience it should cost £50+ per hour but I am going to offer my services at the rate Beehive Premium will be offered at -  Just £35 per hour (online only)

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