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The Founder

At school, I was the person that everyone came to when they didn’t understand a maths concept. The teacher would explain an algebra question and once he had finished, my friends would turn around and ask me to explain what he said in plain English. “You should be a teacher,” they would say, but I just did not think I could have the same impact with all the red tape and bureaucracy that surrounded the profession. I decided to stick to my initial plan of becoming a lawyer. However, after graduating from a Russell Group University (University of Warwick), with a 2:1 in Law, I knew it wasn’t the path for me. I began to tutor on the side while trying to figure out what my calling really was and as I did that, I suppose it hit me, I’m doing it right now, but I wanted to impact more lives - That’s how Beehive Tuition was born.  To date, we have helped 100s of students find their confidence and get the grades they deserve. I hope we can add your child’s success story to the list.


How did we start?

Beehive Tuition started as an offline tuition company in 2014 in Romford, Essex to fill a gap in the education market. We want learning to become a lifestyle for our students and we want to instill values such as a can-do attitude, confidence and independence so that they can become capable and successful adults no matter what they choose to do with their lives (we just happen to use maths and English to do it).


We became a solely online company in 2020 due to the pandemic and we've found that we're able to help change the lives of even more students and we love it.


Why is it called Beehive? Well, bees are one of the most hardworking creatures on the planet and the result of their hard work is their honey. We want our students to have the work ethic of bees and see the reward of their hard work - a successful life.

A Message to Parents

How we give back:


The Vemoye

Let’s face it, working parents are basically superheroes – they keep the entire household going, but even superheroes need a sidekick, *enter Beehive*. We’re here to help you navigate yet another important task added to your never-ending list - education! You know your child has potential, but you're thinking, “Can I really juggle this on top of everything else?”


The answer is YES! We’re your secret weapon. We’re here to direct you every step of the way, we’re more than just a tuition service, there’s so much more included to help parents succeed in the education process. 

About Vemoye:


Vemoye is a charity that helps improve access to education for children living on the African continent.


How Beehive Supports Vemoye:


Beehive has committed to giving a £1 a month (every month) on behalf of each customer.


How You Can Support:


By joining Beehive Tuition, you are helping improve access to education for children who would otherwise not have such an opportunity.

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