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11 Plus Starter Kit

The ultimate kit for parents who don't where to start when it comes to helping their child prepare for the 11 Plus!

What is it?

Over the years parents have come to us with the same questions regarding embarking on the 11 plus process – Where do I Start? There is so much information out there but no guidance on how to navigate the process from the beginning.

The 11 plus starter pack is the answer to that. Each resource in this pack is an answer to common questions that parents have when starting the 11 plus process. It is a digital product, you'll have access to it immediately after purchasing it.


What age is this for?

It will be for students going to year 4 or year 5.


What exam is the pack created for?

The package is extremely useful regardless of the 11 plus exam is sitting, but the book resource recommendations are focused on the CEM paper.


What is in the pack?

1) Maths List – Common question: What maths topics does my child need to cover for the 11 plus?

  • This list includes all the areas that have come up in exams over the years.

  • We have also included a how-to section on how to use the list effectively. 


2) Reading List – Common question: What books should my child be reading?

  • This list of books will help improve your child’s vocabulary and comprehension because these books will challenge them in ways the books they are reading at school will not.

  • We have also included a how-to section on how use the reading time effectively. 


3) Book Log – Common question: How do I make sure my child is understanding the text and engaging with it?

  • This book log template will make sure your child is always improving their comprehension and vocabulary.


4) Timetables – Common question: How much time should we set aside in a week for 11 plus preparation and what should we be doing in that time?


  • This pack includes a term-time and holiday-time timetable for year 4 and year 5 students. It will show you how to effectively manage your time throughout the academic year.

  • We have also included a how-to guide on how to get the most out of the timetable.


5) Resources List- Common question: What 11 plus workbooks should I buy?


  • In this pack we have included recommendations for maths, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning books and we have given you suggestions on how you should use them.


Price? Just £12.45 - For a limited time only.

There’s more:

If you purchase the 11 plus starter pack, we will give you access to our live Q&A session on Thursday 15th July 2021 at 7pm where we will be answering any questions you might still have about the 11 plus after going through the 11 plus starter pack.

We want our parents to feel well informed about the 11 plus and feel confident about supporting their child through the process.

BUY NOW and you'll have access to all the resources immediately.

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